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    Sean Owen
    Years Of MembershipCommunity ModeratorTraffic Insider VIPWelcome Aboard!

    Hello and welcome to the Traffic Insider Community Forums! We’re glad you’ve decided to join and we appreciate that you’ve taken the time to familiarize yourself with our rules.

    Before we get started, I’d like you to know that this isn’t an extensive covering of all of our rules. I’m listing the top 3 rules on which a majority of them are based. This is to make it as simple as possible for you without boring or confusing you. You should take a good read through our site’s Terms of Service and our other important Legal and Rule pages prior to getting involved in our community.

    We encourage you to check out these pages thoroughly and frequently as we do update our terms, privacy policy, and other pages from time to time.

    As an important note: we strive to make our rules and terms as visible as possible. This includes putting simple sentences that start with “IMPORTANT:” throughout our site.

    If you skim through our rules without truly reading them or if you ignore the bolded “IMPORTANT” message, then you shouldn’t be upset if you receive punishment for violating them.

    These rules apply to our Forums, our Comment sections on our various blog posts & content, other user’s Profile Pages/Walls, and the Activity Feed/Community Timeline.

    What’s important to know is that our rules essentially boil down to three basic principles:

    1.) Don’t Solicit
    2.) Don’t Spam
    3.) Don’t Flame

    You are all smart people, so it should be pretty obvious whether or not you’re breaking the rules by simply asking yourself regularly “Am I following these three points?”.

    If you’re really not sure, here’s a quick rundown on what we mean by each point:

    1.) Don’t Solicit

    Members, especially New Members, are NOT allowed to sell on the main website.

    We want to see you putting time and effort into the community before you start seeking to make money off of it. If you are interested in selling your own services on, these are the ways to do this:

    • Use the Marketplace. This is a separate subsite that we are in the process of developing (as of July 2019). It’s going to be separate from the main site to allow the main focus to be on the community, this way people can form meaningful connections with each other without feeling like they’re being used to get a quick sale. It’s also to allow you to create a separate profile or identity, say if you wanted to be known as John Smith to the community but be known as JohnTechGraphics on the marketplace.
    • Put links or graphics to your sites or services in your forum signature, as long as it’s not super obnoxious. By this we mean stuff like HUGE text or graphics, more than 3 links, or a large list or block of content. Nobody likes seeing a tower of a signature or one that’s essentially a wall of links. You can always link to a landing page on your own website that has all of your links. If you’re caught violating this or if we receive a lot of complaints about your signature, you will be asked to change it. If you do not change it within a timely manner, we may end up clearing your signature. This is to protect our community’s experience and our community’s image.
    • Use the features we give you on your Community Profile Page. We allow you to add links, graphics, skills, services, and projects to your page for a reason. It’s for you to showcase your talents and abilities to our community.
    • Contact our advertising support to start promoting through banners and category advertising.

    As you can see, there are many options that allow you to promote yourself and your business in healthy ways that benefit all of us in the community.

    The reason for these rules is that we need to see you contributing to Traffic Insider in order for us to feel better about letting you use us as a platform for selling your services.

    It’s also to prevent people from spamming or ruining the experience of others by turning our way of giving back to the greater outside traffic/affiliate/digital marketing communities into a dump.

    Don’t try to get around the rules by selling to other members through PMs.

    2.) Don’t spam

    If you really aren’t sure what kind of posts or content counts as spamming, this simple list should cover almost all of the cases:

    • Short summaries of articles linking to third party sites
    • Short posts with links to your own site
    • Short “thank you” posts (you can use the “Like” button for that)
    • Lots and lots of links
    • Irrelevant or off topic replies
    • Duplicate content copied from elsewhere
    • Multiple similar posts and comments (such as “sounds interesting”, “ok”, “cool” or “good luck”)
    • Multiple similar comments and/or short replies to promote your signature
    • Multiple threads started on the same topic
    • Necroing (posting on threads that are obviously out of date and irrelevant)
    • Anything along the lines of “PM me for details”
    • Constantly making posts on sales threads asking for samples or review copies
    • Posts in threads that aren’t directly related to the situation and don’t provide any new information
    • Calling out, attacking, or complaining about somebody else’s service, website, or business. There are healthy ways to deal with negative or bad users and businesses. Constantly posting about how “so and so ripped me off”, posting at a user to check their support/emails/etc., or yelling at users and demanding support or responses on our website are NOT some of them. ALWAYS keep your disputes/concerns/questions/etc. between you and the user. They have support forums, contact pages, and other contact methods on their websites for a reason. It’s so you two can work together to solve whatever issues you may be having.
    • Constantly posting short “welcome” messages in the Introductions section
    • Posts that aren’t written in English. You don’t have to be from an English speaking country to post here, but a majority of our users are from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. so it makes sense that they may not be able to write or understand other languages.

    When you decide to post a thread, the first thing you should do is check that you are posting it in the right place.

    Each of our sub-forums and various member-created Groups may have their own set of rules for posting there. So be sure you check before posting.

    You should also keep an eye out for any new rules posted in these sticky threads, as we will update them from time to time.

    Read through the sticky threads first before you start posting.

    Don’t start posting threads that say something along the lines of “how do I make $X per day?” – this is against the rules as it sounds spammy.

    If you have a specific question to ask, I suggest using the search bars we have on our forums, our blog, and our community.

    3.) Don’t Flame

    This ought to be self-explanatory.

    We expect users to have a basic level of respect for the forum, our blog, our community, our staff and moderators, and other community members and community groups.

    Poking at each other is allowed to an extent as it is a common thing to occur in communities of any kind and can be used as a way for people to communicate with each other.

    We prefer it when our members don’t take themselves too seriously and can have a bit of a laugh.

    This being said, we will warn members for being malicious and abusive to other members, or if they take the joking too far.

    We want it to be clear that we DO NOT tolerate: hate speech, deliberate targeting of users for ANY reason, hateful or discriminatory comments or actions, deliberate cyberbullying, trying to sink another person’s reputation or business with unfair attacks, threatening or violent posts, or the promotion of such things.

    You will be warned if you caught going too far or breaking these simple guidelines. However, if you are posting deliberately hateful or threatening posts, they will be deleted and you face the consequences.

    If you continually violate these guidelines, you will be banned.

    Inappropriate Content

    Fraudulent/illegal activity such as negative SEO, hacking, etc. are NOT permitted ANYWHERE on – this includes: the main site, the forums, the community, or on the marketplace.

    Read our site’s Terms of Service for more details on what is considered inappropriate content.

    We try to be flexible in this area, provided that you are not discussing anything illegal.

    There are other prohibited topics of discussion that are not posted in the forum’s official rules. These are listed in various stickies of the sections that they are relevant to.

    Trolling the Marketplace or User Profiles

    You can only post on somebody’s Marketplace page if you are: 1.) a customer or 2.) posting a genuine sales query. You CANNOT comment with posts like “This service looks sketchy…”

    If you have actually had a negative experience with a sales thread, you are permitted to leave ONE negative review on the sales thread that is factual and not abusive – issues with the seller that need to be resolved should need to be handled with the seller themselves.

    Receiving a Warning

    In the case that you do break the rules and get a warning or punishment for it, it’s important to know this isn’t the end of the world.

    Only yourself and our mods can see these warnings. We issue them as a reminder to you of our rules.

    It’s important that you take this warning on board and be aware of how you broke the rules so you know not to do it again. The important thing is that you learn from them and move on.

    If you aren’t sure what you are being warned for, or if you don’t think it’s fair, you are allowed to query by responding politely to the mod. Don’t be rude or get angry at the moderator, as that is only going to get you in more trouble for abusing our mods.

    As a few final points, here are some extra things you should remember:

    • If you are unsure of whether or not you are allowed to do something, or you want to post a thread and aren’t sure if it is against the rules, you are free to contact a mod at any point asking for advice.
    • If you aren’t sure how to do something on the forum, make sure you check out the Newbie Guide and take a look at the forum suggestions section to see if anyone else has asked the same question before. You might be able to find the answer you need a lot faster.
    • If you see anything on our site that you know or think is against the rules, you should report it. Our moderators are human and have lives outside of this site so they can miss things if they aren’t told about them. We need helpful users around the community to point things out to us when they can in order to keep the community fair, safe, and enjoyable for everyone.
    • If you want to contact our support directly, you can do so at

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, happy posting!

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