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    Sean Owen
    Years Of MembershipCommunity ModeratorTraffic Insider VIPWelcome Aboard!

    If you’re new to the Traffic Insider community and you’re looking to join the conversation, your username is one of the most important parts of your new identity. It’s what members will remember you by, it’s what they’re going use to tag you on our site (ex: @Sean), and it’s what other members will use to search for you on the forum.

    So before you click Register, here are some tips to keep in mind:

    1.) Make Sure You WANT To Use Your Real Name
    Many people sign up using their real full names (first, middle, and last) and then decide they don’t want their real identities tied to their accounts and ask if we can change their names. This is NOT something we can do for you.

    Be aware that if you use your real name as your username, anything you post will obviously be easily traced back to you by friends and trolls alike.

    2.) Consider Your Future In Our Community
    Your future in the Traffic Insider community is one you should seriously consider. Even if you’re joining now to interact casually with members, who’s to say you don’t want to become more involved later on or start your own online business?

    While you don’t have to pick something related to your business or something that’s brandable, we recommend keeping your username simple that’s easy for members to find or message you.

    3.) Don’t Pick Something Too Similar To Another Member

    Sure, it’s hard to always be original on the internet. But we don’t tolerate copycats or trolls attempting to impersonate exiting members.

    For example, let’s say there’s user who has the name “rockyraccoon”, but then someone signed up after them with the username “rockyraccoon1” or “r0ckyracc00n”. They’re not related in the least bit, yet it’s easy to confuse the two members due to their similar usernames.

    4.) Don’t Use A URL Username

    While using the name of your website or business is permissible, we do not tolerate using a URL as your username.

    For example, if you have a traffic exchange called “HitsBoosterPro” (located at, you could join as “HitsBoosterPro” or any variation of it as long as it’s not something like:

    – HitsBoosterProdotcom
    – etc.

    Any member who creates a URL username will just end up being required to change it or will be required to delete their accounts and create a new one. Members caught knowingly and/or repeatedly breaking this rule will be marked as spammers and find themselves banned.

    5.) Avoid Strange or Foreign Characters
    Unless you don’t care about being tagged by other members, foreign characters should be avoided.

    Ultimately, it’s your account and your future in our community that’s being decided when you pick a username. So make sure it’s something you can live with!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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