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ATTENTION: The Traffic Insider Network (our Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers, and Coop Sites) has joined the Trend Legacy Group. This Help Desk will now serve as a Help Desk solely for the website, our design agency, and products and services.

ALL Traffic Exchange, Viral Mailer, and Coop Site tickets will now need to be created on the
Trend Legacy Group Help Desk at will continue to function as is. This Help Desk will continue to function. HOWEVER, we will no longer answer tickets regarding Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers, and Coop Sites.

We will be removing tickets, categories, etc. relating to Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers, and Coop Sites on Feburary 3, 2020.

We will answer existing Traffic Exchange, Viral Mailer, or Coop Site tickets made before January 28, 2020.

We will NOT answer any tickets regarding such sites and services on this Help Desk as of January 28, 2020. You will need to use

Thank you,
The Traffic Insider Team
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Why Am I Not Getting Newsletter / Signup Verification/ Password Reminder Emails?


The automated system can only send to the email address associated with your Account. Gmail addresses seem to have less problems than other services.

Be sure to check your other email folders, especially your junk email or spam folders. If you still do not get it then it probably your email service provider blocking our emails. If after whitelisting you still do not get emails from us then you will need to use a different email address.

Every time you click on the forgot password link the system creates you a new one. So,your original and the last password you received prior to clicking will no longer be correct .

If after checking your email and spam folder, if you do not see the email please add these to your contact list in your email box. It will let our mails get through your accounts unwanted mail filters.

Each one is a separate contact and must be added separately if you are a Member at more than one of our sites.


and any other sites you maybe having troubles with.

This stops your email from bouncing and stopping your account access.


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