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  • Known by friends and family as Mick. Serial Entrepreneur since 1971
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CPA Article Marketing

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What Generation Z Means for Your Marketing

If you aren't currently including Generation Z  as part of your marketing efforts you are making a mistake. By 2020 Generation Z will make...

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7 Tips For Getting Free Traffic to Your Blog

Once you have set up your blog and posted content on it then your main focus becomes on getting people to read it. Keep...

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Four YouTube Marketing Mistakes That Internet Marketers Should Avoid

Businesses are reaping the benefits of marketing through the various social media outlets and one of the top social media venues is YouTube. There are...

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Tips To Increase Your Holiday Sales This Season

You can make this holiday business a more profitable one for your online business by appealing to holiday shoppers. Competition for business is strong and...

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About me

Mick Owen

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Developer

I keep a lot of irons in the fire and sometimes juggle those same hot irons to keep my business interest moving forward. is just another project I wanted to make available to other online and affiliate marketers as an added resource to help them Build Your Own Business (my version of BYOB) and Brand themselves within this Community.




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