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How Promo Packs Work

Each Promo Pack is worth $10.00 in services at, you can choose which services and upgrades you want after your account is credited with the appropriate amounts of Promo Packs you have purchased. For example, if you need $30.00 worth of services, then you would change the quantity above to 3 so that you would be buying 3 Promo Packs.

Minimum purchase of Promo Pack is quantity of 1. Maximum is quantity of 10 per transaction.

If you want to buy Promo Packs for one or more other sites, each has to be done in a separate transaction.


Each payment is manually reviewed, please allow up to one business day for completion of your order. Please include the username and email address you use at on the Checkout page. This is so we can apply the Promo Pack to your account faster.

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