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We own over a thousand eCommerce stores, service provider sites, informational authority blogs, viral media sites, online niche magazine sites, authority niche sites, micro niche sites, list building landing pages, product sales pages, and lead generation sites among other categories. In addition, we own thousands more Premium Domain names.

We go after the low hanging fruit, identifying profitable niches with minimal competition.

Using my background as a real estate investor and developer, here is how I view these web properties.  The Premium Domain Names are my undeveloped properties in prime locations.  Most of the other categories would be like owning shops in a strip center, Kiosks in a mall, or even anchor stores in a Mall.  We also have our service businesses.  The lead generation sites are our rental properties.

Most people think of a lead gen site as more or less a lead capture page.  It is not.  I cannot share our most profitable lead gen sites with you now, but I will give you an example of what I consider are essential elements to a good lead gen sites.  Go to EZFinance.Loan and look at the page.  It gets to the point, providing an easy solution to a problem. It does have the email capture feature, but it also has a phone number that is monitored 24/7 with a knowledgeable person on the other end of the line who can help the caller get the personal loan they need.

So, what does all this mean to you?

I had another unexpected health issue that knocked me off my feet the week before Easter but I forced myself back to work before I should have. I am still dealing with this issue. But it made me think that at my age and the older I get the more likely it is for health issues to arise, I need to make some decisions. I don’t want to add any more employees than we already have. In fact, I would like to cut back on some of those through attrition.

So, I have decided to start selling off some of our assets to get down to a more manageable number. Obviously, the very profitable ones we will keep. The ones with potential but needing development, or the ones that were profitable in the past but just need some care we will sell. Most are only neglected because they were smaller and not a top priority for our current portfolio.

I am going to make them first available at a discount on our store to those people who I hope will do something with them and turn them into an actual business.   Later, I can sell the remaining websites on Flippa and the remaining domains at GoDaddy Auctions at higher prices to investors who like to buy and hold.

Over the next few weeks we will be listing a few hundred established websites and even more Premium domains for sale on one of my eBay stores.  Currently, you will find a few Micro Niche sites (that can easily be expanded into a full niche sites) , and at least one truly unique opportunity. can become an authority site and/or a prime lead gen property making $500+ monthly by selling the ad space to cancer treatment facilities.

In the store premium domain category, you will find several premium domains that can easily be developed into profitable properties.  How about (can be a directory where you sell listings, or a lead gen site for Naturopathic doctors) or how about a domain related to a hot niche on places like Amazon and Etsy,

Don’t let fool you, it can be a year-round business.  Interested in the cannabis industry? Check out the 3 Cannabis domains being sold as a combo pack.

See what’s available today at the Traffic Insider eBay Store!
Purchase financing available through PayPal Credit.
More will be coming soon, so check back often.

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