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Introducing The Traffic Insider Community

The Traffic Insider Community resides on the Hive Blockchain. To access the Traffic Insider Community you must first be a member of the Hive blockchain.

It is quick and easy to join the Hive Blockchain by clicking here or visiting You’ll have several options available to you for joining. One such option is Esteem, which we tend to use because it is fast, instant, and free. All you need is an email address.

As a Member of our Community you will have your own free blog, with no hosting fees ever, and where you can interact with other Community Members.

Join the Traffic Insider Community at and also on our Discord Server to make friends, have fun, get help, and prosper.

When you create content and post it your blog you will be rewarded with Traffic Insider Tokens (trading symbol TIX). You can find out more information about TIX by clicking here.

You will also receive TIX when you interact with other Community Memebrs through a process called Curation, which simply means you upvote (Like) their content and/or comment on their content.
Content posted should be about building your online business and the traffic strategies and techniques, your journey in building your online business, problems and solutions you encountered, etc.

Remember to be respectful to other Members in your comments, and do not spam your content or theirs.

NOTE: The The Traffic Insider Community and Traffic Insider Discord Server is not the place to promote your offers or affiliate links. Images and YouTube videos are ok to post if you’re not spamming. To promote your offers and affiliate links go here:

We also have a Traffic Insider Discord Server where you can join other Traffic Insider Members online, anytime! Live voice and text chat is always active, on a wide variety of channels, covering a diverse set of interests.

The Traffic Insider Discord Server is a public forum… please keep it safe for work. No porn, and artsy nudity is a moderator call.

No hate speech. No inciting violence. Keep personal insults and issues out.


Within Discord, there are multiple channels available on the left side of the chat. When you first enter the Traffic Insider Discord room, you are placed in #general. PLEASE READ ALL PINNED MESSAGES FOR THE CHANNEL YOU ARE IN. This will help you get started.

Don’t posts in the wrong channels. Putting your cute photos of your kitty cats in the crypto trading channel is possibly going to get you kicked, banned, or may even get your post flagged. If it’s relevant on the channel, and mods are cool, ok. Please remember that not every channel is your personal promotion site!